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Arthur Kroeber

TPP will not stop China – Arthur Kroeber

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest trade accord in history is a big deal, agrees economist Arthur Kroeber in a discussion at ChinaFile. But he does not this TPP will help as a tool to stem China´s influence in the region, one of its targets.

China population will peak in 2015 – Zhang Juwei

China will count 1.41 billion people by 2015 and then drop, says Zhang Juwei, an eminent researcher of demografic trends at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Yibada. His estimations are part of the next 5-year plan. Despite shortages “Labor supply will remain robust till 2030”, he added.

Howard French

China moves cheap to Africa – Howard French

China is moving part of its manufacturing to Africa, because labor in China has become too expensive, or production is too polluting, says Howard French, author of China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, in The Herald. This is potentially a great opportunity for Africa.

Shaun Rein

Invest now in commodities – Shaun Rein

Business analyst Shaun Rein does not support the current bearish mood on China´s economy, he tells MoneyControl. There are weaknesses, but economic growth for Q4 will be at or close to 7 percent, he says. And weaknesses offer opportunities, if you have a strong stomach.

Tom Doctoroff

Can China really innovate? – Tom Doctoroff

Innovation is high on China´s agenda, but China-veteran Tom Doctoroff wonders loudly if the country can really innovate, looking at the structural inhibitions of its culture.

Sara Hsu

Why the Tobin tax is a bad idea for China – Sara Hsu

A high PBOC official has speculated about using the Tobin tax, a fee on capital flows, to discourage short-term speculation. Financial analyst Sara Hsu explains why the Tobin tax would be a bad idea for China in the Diplomat.

Ian Johnson

Baoding: third tier city waiting for revival – Ian Johnson

Now China is preparing for a new megacity, Jing-Jin-Ji, combining Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the neighboring provincial capital Baoding is hoping to ride on the bandwagon too. Journalist Ian Johnson visited Baoding for the New York Times and looks at its chances.

Paul Gillis

Reversed mergers market in US drying up – Paul Gillis

Hundred of smaller Chinese firms entered the US stock markets through reversed mergers, looking for an easy way to get access to capital. But changed regulations and weary US investors have likely killed that market, tells accounting professor Paul Gillis in the South China Morning Post.

Sara Hsu

China´s jobless numbers are meaningless – Sara Hsu

While the government is fearfully watching China´s number of jobless, the official figures have very little meaning, says financial analyst Sara Hsu at the Deutsche Welle. “We do not even know the labor force participation rate, which is essential in calculating the unemployment rate.”

Arthur Kroeber

Success financial transition still unclear – Arthur Kroeber

The badly handled crisis at the stock markets and the unfortunate devaluation of China´s currency are still casting shadows on the country´s financial future, says economist Arthur Kroeber at CNBC. At this stage it is very unclear whether the central government has the capability to handle needed financial reforms.