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Shaun Rein at CNN

Investors concerned about Alibaba´s opaque accounting – Shaun Rein

The US Securities and Exchange Commission voices concerns about Alibaba´s sprawling business empire, and the way its accounting is organized. But also investors are concerned, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in the Financial Times.

Paul Gillis

Alibaba is not in real trouble with US stock regulator – Paul Gillis

Alibaba´s shares fell when it disclosed the US stock regulator has asked some questions about its accounting practices, especially the relations with its logistical partner Cainiao Network. But, says accounting professor Paul Gillis to Bloomberg, there is no reason to expect real problems.

Paul French

Measuring China´s growth – Paul French

Experts use different measurements to gauge China´s economic growth, as the official GDP figure is often seen with suspicion. But other measurements like electricity usage and railway transportation also have their limitations, warns China veteran Paul French in Splash 24/7

Zhang Lijia

The ordeal of left-behind children – Zhang Lijia

China´s country-side has a generation of left-behind children, children who grew up while their parents worked in the big cities, some with their grandparents, some even alone. Author Zhang Lijia visited four-year old Diandian, who lives with his grandparents and writes up his story at her weblog.

William Bao Bean

Taiwan startups have to learn to make mistakes – William Bao Bean

Startups in Taiwan have huge opportunities, but they tend to be too conservative, says William Bao Bean, Managing Director of Chinaccelerator. Especially, they needs the guts to fail, he tells The News Lens.

Ian Johnson

Bringing Christianity under control – Ian Johnson

Mostly in Zhejiang province Chinese authorities have been trying to bring the 60 million Christians under state control, and took down between 1,200 and 1,700 crosses from churches, sometimes causing violent clashes. Journalist Ian Johnson investigated for the New York Times the current state of the government action.

Zhang Lijia

Cultural Revolution: still no-go area – Zhang Lijia

The 50-year anniversary of the Cultural Revolution has passed mostly in silence. China media mentioned briefly the event was with hindsight not a good idea, much of the families of Chinese leader – including the Xi family – suffered from it, but talking to victims is not easy discovered the Globe&Mail. Author Zhang Lijia comments.

Wendell Minnick

US arrest suspect for carbon fiber theft – Wendell Minnick

US judicial authorities have arrested the Chinese national Fuyi “Frank” Sun for trying to steal carbon fiber, used for military and aerospace applications, defense analyst Wendell Minnick writes in Defense News. Sun was caught by an undercover unit of Home Land Security (HSI).

Sara Hsu

P2P in China, a huge opportunity, also for criminals – Sara Hsu

Peer-to-peer lending got quite some coverage in China´s media, both as a huge business opportunity, and as an attractive criminal operation ground, says financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. Authorities have tried to crack down on crime, but are also afraid to kill a good business.

Zhang Lijia

The People´s Pope – A review by Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia enthusiastically reviews on her weblog Eight Juxtapositions: China Through Imperfect Analogies: Penguin Specials by Jeff Wasserstrom. “In the final chapter entitled The People’s Pope and Big Daddy Xi, he compared the Chinese Communist Party with the Catholic Church and the president Xi with the Pope.”