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Victor Shih

Xi´s Marxist tone – Victor Shih

President Xi Jinping has been addressing the nation on the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party and the tough Marxist tone has been striking, says political analyst Victor Shih. Where his predecessors followed a more flexible road on economic development, Xi goes for a nationalistic approach, he tells AP.

Arthur Kroeber

Donald Trump is right about China – Arthur Kroeber

China is becoming more mercantilist, and – in a narrow way – Donald Trump is right about China, says author Arthur Kroeber of China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know® in an interview with Bloomberg. And the US are following a global trend for more protectionism.

Victor Shih

Brexit fallout: pressure on the Renminbi – Victor Shih

China has been preparing for the fallout of a decision of the Federal Reserve, but find themselves dealing with an unexpected black swan, says financial and political analyst Victor Shih to Bloomberg. The Renminbi might be under pressure.

Arthur Kroeber

Brexit fallout: limited risks for China – Arthur Kroeber

While the world is trying to get to grips with the fallout of a possible Brexit, very few of the effects for China can be sure, with the exception of the currency trade, says economist Arthur Kroeber to Bloomberg. At this stage, the risks seem fairly limited.

Shaun Rein to be based at US east coast in July

McDonald´s still does not know China – Shaun Rein

McDonald´s might be in China for decades, it still has problems to adjust to the fast changing realities on the ground, says business analyst Shaun Rein to QZ. They now decided to increase their franchises and leave the cooking to people who better know the Chinese taste, says Shaun Rein, and that seems a smart idea.

William Bao Bean

China is winning in social commerce – William Bao Bean

Whether China is copying or innovating is a useless discussion, says VC William Bao Bean to the South China Morning Post. Everybody is building on previous experiences, he says, but certainly in social commerce, how to sell online, China is way ahead compared to other parts of the world.

Tom Doctoroff

How China´s media became a winner, against all odds – Tom Doctoroff

China´s media and entertainment industry has long been watched with pity: boring, curtailed by the Communist Party and part of moribund state-owned molochs. But China veteran Tom Doctoroff discovered this observation needs urgent correction and he tells in the Huffington Post how the industry became a winner.

Andy Mok

Why WeChat might outrun Facebook – Andy Mok

Can a Mark Zuckerberg emerge from Asia, wondered VC veteran William Bao Bean this weekend. If so, his name is probably Tencent´s Allen Zhang, writes investor Andy Mok today in LinkedIn. Despite a stellar performance by Facebook, he puts his bets on WeChat.

William Bao Bean

Can a Mark Zuckerberg emerge from Asia? – William Bao Bean

Can Asia produce its own Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook? “No,” noted the reporter of E27 from a speech Chinaccelerator director William Bao Bean gave at the Echelon Asia Summit 2016. Unfortunately, the reporter did not wait for the second part of the speech, and William explains why Google and Facebook changed the playing field at Facebook.

Ben Cavender

Consumers will get over Starbucks price rise – Ben Cavender

Starbucks raised its prices, causing a stir among the many users of the popular coffee chain. They will whine a bit, but get over it very soon, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily, and he does not expect a sustained backlash.