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Joel Backaler

China firms going international: friend or foe? – Joel Backaler

Chinese companies going abroad are mostly new kids at the block for domestic and international companies. How to look at them, was a question consultant Joel Backaler, author of China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global often got. His third installment of his post-Europe trip.

Wendell Minnick

China´s nukes: a threat within 10 years – Wendell Minnick

China´s nuclear weapons are getting better and more powerful, writes defense analyst Wendell Minnick in Defense News. He cites a US congressional report, warning for the Chinese power to threaten US forces within 10 years.

Xu Ping

China plans sweeping foreign investment reforms – Xu Ping

At the end of last year, China promised drastic reforms for aid foreign investments. Xu Ping, lawyer at King&Wood Mallesons calls those plans “sweeping” in a review of the “2014 Draft” that has been released, although many restrictions remain in place.

Zhang Lijia

Can academia function with Chinese characteristics? – Zhang Lijia

President Xi Jinping´s call for a “new type of thinktank with Chinese characteristics” has triggered off a old debate on the position of intellectuals towards their government. Author Zhang Lijia argues at her weblog the government should no longer silence the voice of its scholars.

Wei Gu

Hong Kong-Shanghai connect: a game changer – Wei Gu

With less than a week notice, a connection between Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges will give international investors access to Chinese shares. A game-changer, says Mark Austen of the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association in a talk with WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu.

Sara Hsu

The steps forward in the US-China climate deal – Sara Hsu

The climate deal between China and the US came under heavy criticism even before the ink of the signatures was dry. Despite those misgivings, China expert Sara Hsu sees some steps forward, she writes in The Diplomat.

Wei Gu

US-China visa deal: how the agencies get hit – Wei Gu

The recent deal between the US and China to allow their citizens visas for up to ten years might be win-win for most, the visa agencies are hit severely, writes WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu in Dow Jones. Emigrating services for Chinese are under pressure.

Paul Gillis

Hong Kong needs to strengthen its accounting rules – Paul Gillis

Fishy listings from Chinese firms have become a problem for the Hong Kong stock exchange. Hong Kong needs to strengthen its rules to get their act together, says accounting professor Paul Gillis at Its new 2012 rules might not be enough. Chinese companies have to be forced to tell the whole story.

Paul Gillis

Limited reforms on auditing firms – Paul Gillis

China is officially loosening its rigid regulations, also for auditing companies, who might now be wholly foreign owned firms (WFOE´s) too. But accounting professor Paul Gillis believes the effects of this reform might be rather limited, to smaller CPA firms, he writes on his weblog.

Shaun Rein

Chinese pick Chinese brands on Singles´Day – Shaun Rein

A major shift in consumers preferences in China is that from foreign brands to Chinese. Author Shaun Rein of The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia explains in CNBC how the top-5 brands at Singles´Day illustrates the growing China pride.