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Ian Johnson

On the rise of Tibetian Buddhism – Ian Johnson

Tibetian Buddhism has become popular in the West, but also among rich Han Chinese. Journalist Ian Johnson discusses with author John Osburn the reasons behind this popularity in a two-piece interview for the New York Times.

Rupert Hoogewerf

China´s richest in 2014: Jack Ma or Wang Jianlin – Rupert Hoogewerf

For a short while Alibaba´s chairman Jack Ma looked like he was heading for the position of richest person in China in 2014. But at the end of the year, Wanda chairman Wang Lianlin is contesting that position, as he brings two firms to the Hong Kong stock exchange, tells China Rich List founder Rupert Hoogewerf to WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu.

Shaun Rein

Is China a Copycat – Shaun Rein

China veteran Shaun Rein is on a book tour for his latest one The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia. A report from the Business of Design Week 2014 at “Rein is born to be on stage, his speech is just enjoyable and enthralling.”

Arthur Kroeber

Xi Jinping is turning a page, whether you like it or not – Arthur Kroeber

Much has been written about China´s slowing economic growth, its new outspoken foreign policy and general assertiveness. Xi Jinping´s project is on track, writes analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Huffington Post, and we better get used to it.

Zhang Lijia

My fascination with India – Zhang Lijia

India as a holiday destination raises different feelings among tourists, but author Zhang Lijia admits on het weblog she is fascinated by the country. She recalls her first stay in New Delhi, and how she encountered Anuj – a book seller in Delhi.

Shaun Rein

Copycat China, review by Financial Professionals´ Post – Shaun Rein

Reviews and awards for Shaun Rein´s latest book The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia are flooding in, just in time to order your Christmas present. Today Bill Hayes the Financial Professionals´Post of the New York Society of Security Analysts look at Shaun´s recent book.

Victor Shih

Violence in Hong Kong will hurt China – Victor Shih

Many expected a more violent end to the protests in Hong Kong, but not financial expert Victor Shih, he tells in the Institutional Investor. He was not surprised by the cautious approach Beijing displayed in Hong Kong.

Wei Gu

Nervous HK rich seek backup after protests – Wei Gu

The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong might be fizzling out, but its richer residents have started to look for alternatives, writes WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu in the Wall Street Journal. High home prices, costs of living and pollution add to their worries.

Zhang Lijia

“Blind massage”, a movie review – Zhang Lijia

The movie ´Blind Massage´ (Tui Na) by the director Lou Ye has been winning a range of awards, including a nomination for the Golden Bear in Berlin. Author Zhang Lijia visited the movie with her friend Elke, and was impressed, despite some flaws, she writes on her weblog.

Sara Hsu

China shapes up its war on pollution – Sara Hsu

China has declared war on pollution, but what is equally important, it is also setting apart funding to fight the war, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. China has enough environmental measures in its books, she writes, but is it going to enforce them?