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Sara Hsu

Who is going to clean up the debt mess? – Sara Hsu

The bears and bulls on China have predicted the country will collapse under its debts, or maintained the government could just write them off. Financial analyst Sara Hsu remains in The Diplomat on the bearish side, and wonders who is going to clean up the mess.

NTPU June 2012 7

Controlling misinvoicing: a possible solution – Sara Hsu

China´s financial authorities have a hard job in controlling the flows of hot capital in and out the country. Often misinvoicing is a way to mask those money flows. Financial expert Sara Hsu offers in the Diplomat a way to track this long-standing tradition of misinvoicing.

Sara Hsu

The risks of shadow banking: a framework – Sara Hsu

Two weeks ago financial expert Sara Hsu had a thorough look at the complex and very different products that constitute the shadow banking industry in China. For Triple Crisis she summarized those products and risks in a useful framework, allowing assessing risk levels of different products.

Wei Gu

Yacht sales having a tough year – Wei Gu

Sales of yachts in China are under pressure, WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu notes at the Hainan Rendez-Vous, caused by China´s anti-corruption drive at the China Real Time of the WSJ. It did not help that last year sex-and-drugs stories emerged from the 2013 fair.


More is needed to reform state-owned companies – Arthur Kroeber

President Xi Jinping´s economic reform seem to include also the powerful state-owned companies, by allowing private investors to invest in the SOE. But much more is need to call it real reforms, tells economist Arthur Kroeber to Reuters.

Paul Gillis

Raising the standard of Chinese law firms – Paul Gillis

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has fined three Chinese law firms for their shoddy legal work in IPO´s. A positive development in trying to raise the standard of Chinese law firms, writes professor Paul Gillis at his China Accounting Blog. “It´s about time.”

Sara Hsu

China´s new sources of growth – Sara Hsu

China is trying to shift away from traditional sources of economic growth like infrastructure investment, manufacturing and property, it is not very clear what the new sources of growth are going to be. Financial expert Maria Hsu ponders in The Diplomat what direction China´s government should take.

Ben Cavender

Warning for direct selling after Nu Skin penalty – Ben Cavender

A US$540,000 fine for illegal direct selling and unsubstantiated product claims for Nu Skin Enterprises came as a relief, since the company could have faced a higher penalty. But it serves as a warning for all direct selling in China, says market analyst Ben Cavender to Bloomberg.

Paul Gillis

The Singapore solution for China´s stock woes – Paul Gillis

Getting listed is notorious difficult for Chinese companies, because getting permissions in mainland China is tough. But there is hope, writes professor Paul Gillis in the Wall Street Journal, as regulators in China and Singapore recently signed an agreement to let private companies list directly. Now such an agreement is needed between China and the US.

Paul Gillis

Accounting firms show stiff growth – Paul Gillis

Accounting is one of the industries that almost had to start from scratch, as China started to open up economically in the 1980s. But a annual growth of 22% shows that China keeps on investing in account, writes financial analyst Paul Gillis at his weblog.