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Jasper Becker is one of the leading voices on China’s development, setting his reputation as an author with a monumental work “Hungry Ghosts” on China’s secret famines that changed the world’s perception on China. He worked over twenty years as a foreign correspondent in China.

Jasper Becker has contributed features to Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Marie Claire, Travel & Leisure: and political commentaries to the International Herald Tribune, The Spectator, The New Republic, The Independent, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Irish Times, The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Australian Financial Review, The Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Business Week, Prospect Magazine,the London Review of Books, and the Times Literary Supplement.

Jasper Becker is frequently interviewed on television and radio on matters relating to China, North Korea, Hong Kong, Tibet and Mongolia. He has appeared in several documentaries on Tiananmen for CBS’s Sixty Minutes and Canadian television. In the United States he has appeared on ABC’s Nightline discussing North Korea with Josh Gerstein (2002), Nightline with Ted Koppel (1998), Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer (1997) and on Worldnews Tonight with Peter Jennings. He has also frequently been interviewed on CNN programmes, news reports or documentaries by Associated Press Television, Voice of America, and Radio Free Asia. He is often quoted as an analyst in news stories by Reuters TV, BBC World TV’s Asia Programme, BBC World Service, occasionally by Sky News and ITN. In addition to taking part in documentaries on China, he has written and presented 30 radio programmes on China, the Soviet Union and Central Asia for the BBC. Other international broadcasters including Deutschewelle, Germany’s ARD, Radio France International, Australia’s ABC, South Korea’s KBS, Ireland’s RTE, Swedish Radio use his analysis.

His first book was a travelogue cum political commentary on Mongolia The Lost Country (1992) . His second book Hungry Ghosts (1996) is an award-winning account of the famine kept secret by Mao from 1958 to 1962. The Chinese (2000) was hailed as the best single volume introduction to China and its people. Rogue Regime (2004) highlights the tragedy of North Korea and the struggle to deal with its dictator, Kim Jong Il.

Over the past few years he was the publisher of Asia Weekly.

His speaking topics include:

– the rise of China and its influence on its neighbors
– China’s politics and culture
– China’s energy and raw material
– Beijing’s history





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