James Farrer

Director Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University

Travels from: Tokyo

Talking about sex as an attractive stepping stone to get a broader understanding of China is the much appreciated strategy of James Farrer. He uses this captive subject to get an audience to his feet, afterwards you realize you have heard so much more than only about sex in China.

James Farrer is a leading expert on sexuality in China and Japan. In a dynamic and knowledgeable way he addresses one of the fast-changing sides of China’s dynamic society: its youth culture.

Mr. Farrer started his fieldwork as a sociologist and Fulbright scholar in the second half of the 1990s in Shanghai. His groundbreaking research made him to one of the most-quoted sociologists in this field and led to the publication of his standard work on sex in China: Opening Up: Youth Sex Culture and Market Reform in Shanghai.

In an engaging style he is able to capture the audience’ attention through his compelling story telling, many anecdotes and challenging viewpoints on China’s development.

Mr. Farrer covers the following subjects:
Sexuality in China and Japan
Youth Culture in China and Japan
Expatriate life in Shanghai
Nightlife culture in Shanghai
underground commercial sex industry
legal nightlife and restaurant industry

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