General Manager, Shanghai Campanile

Travels from: Shanghai

Calling Gabor Holch a dynamic speaker would be an understatement. His driven style – “I’m a compulsory speaker,” he says himself – he eloquently addresses cross-cultural issues, both political and economic affairs in an engaging way. Mr. Holch has been working on both institution building and cross-cultural cooperation.

Mr. Holch has been speaking for a wide range of corporate and educational institutions. He sees his appearances as a happening: “As a presenter, I am committed to public speaking as an interactive and practical genre. As opposed to lecturing, public speaking is supposed to provide the participants with something to ‘take home’ and apply in their work, career or personal lives. Consequently, my presentations and speeches always come with a clear and realistic set of objectives, taking into consideration the time available and the audience’s expectations.”

Mr. Holch can address the following issues: Asia-Europe relations, business communication theory and practise, cross-cultural business, theory and practise, training and consultancy efficiency.

He can speak in English, Italian, Hungarian and on a limited number of subjects in Mandarin

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