Harm Kiezebrink
Harm Kiezebrink

International security expert on pandemics and bio-terrorism.

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Harm Kiezebrink is a disease eradication specialist. It is his job to train veterinary and human health specialists how to handle and manage crisis situations. He worked in this field in the past 10 years, and managed 1.100 crisis situations in 45 countries. He was responsible for the animal slaughter activities in Holland, during the outbreak of Bird Flu in 2003 and he was a member of the WHO SARS team in Beijing helping to develop response strategies for the Chinese government.

He lived on and off in Europe and China for the past 10 years and is currently working on a novel strategy how to eradicate animals without creating contact between humans and infected animals on the basis of Anoxia (see www.N2GF.com).

On the current flu in China (he believes it should be called a mammal flu, not a bird flu), he writes half April 2013 the following:

I would say that the novel virus that is emerging in China has all the correct papers to become the next generation virus that has shown to be very thrall in infecting humans. Until today, the scientists are doing what they can to find the source but with no success. That indicates that the virus is still mutating, is still spreading undetected and this all without that the so called carriers of the virus are showing any clinical signs (showing that they get sick themselves).
It is my firm belief (and that of many others) that it is not a cover up from the Chinese side, nor is any information withheld from the public. So everything is in the open, but it is very difficult to determine what is what. There is simply too much information available and to find out what is happening is almost a day job.

Harm Kiezebrink is the author of multiple books in his field and a frequent adviser of both companies and government on crisis management strategies surrounding outbreaks of flu.

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