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Expert on military and security issues in Asia


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Wendell Minnick is an author, commentator, journalist and speaker who has spent more than two decades covering military and security issues in Asia.

In September 2016 he became Senior Asia Correspondent at Shephard Media.

In 2006 till September 2016, he joined the staff of Defense News as the Asia Bureau Chief, a Washington-based defense weekly newspaper. He has written over 600 articles for Defense News, which is the leading defense publication in the world.

Minnick served from 2000-2006 as the Taiwan correspondent for UK-based Jane’s Defence Weekly. He wrote over 250 articles for a variety of Jane’s publications, including Jane’s Intelligence Review.

Since 1989, Minnick has written one book and over 900 articles. He began his writing career researching and writing about Cold War espionage and covert operations for a variety of publications.

In 1992, Minnick published his first book, Spies and Provocateurs: A Worldwide Encyclopedia of Persons Conducting Espionage and Covert Action, 1946-1991 (North Carolina: McFarland, 1992).

Minnick is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), Chinapol Listserv, International Thriller Writers (ITW), and Military Reports and Editors (MRE).

Past and present media outlets include Army Magazine, Asia Times, BBC, C4ISR Journal, Defense News, Far Eastern Economic Review, International Peacekeeping, Jane’s Defence Weekly, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Journal of Chinese Religions, Journal of Oriental Studies, Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, Military Review, and Powerlifting USA.

His subjects include:

– War scenarios in Asia
– Espionage

Wendell Minnick is preparing a book on Chinese espionage.

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