Wang Jianmao

Professor in Economics
Associate Dean of CEIBS


travels from Shanghai

As a sharp observer of China’s political and economic developments, professor Wang Jianmao, has outspoken viewpoints on what direction China should be taking in the future. Veiled with a touch of humor he analyses the political choices the government is making, and sometimes its inability to execute them. Professor Wang gives us a peek behind the doors that mostly remain closed for the outside world.

Prof. Jianmao Wang joined CEIBS in February 1998 as Director of the MBA Program. He is currently Professor of Economics and Associate Dean at CEIBS.

Prof. Wang received his PhD in Economics from the University of Florida, USA. He holds an MSc in Information Sciences from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai, and a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Sun Yat-sen University. Before studying in the USA, he was a Lecturer at Shanghai University.

Prof. Wang’s research is focused on Chinese economic reform development, international technology diffusion, management education and price discrimination. His work has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Economics, Harvard Business Review, Far Eastern Economic Review, Shanghai Management Science, and the Journal of Economic Integration. He is co-editor of the CEIBS Case Book Series and translator of Prof. Jinglian Wu’s book “Understanding and Interpreting Chinese Economic Reform.”

Prof. Wang is member of Decision Sciences Institute and served as Local Chair for the 7th International Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute in July 2003. He was a country expert for the project “China and the World: Scenarios to 2025” of the World Economic Forum and attended the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2006.

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