Frank Feather

Special China advisor to the Chinese government

travels from Toronto, Canada

Frank Feather knows China intimately, and shares keen insights into its future direction — including the best future business opportunities, by industry, market, and geography — based on his “inside” hands-on knowledge of China’s future plans.

For 27 years, Frank has been a Special Advisor to the Chinese Government on economic modernization and market reform. He works with China’s top think tanks under the State Council, and many of his ideas and strategies have contributed to China’s spectacular economic progress.

Mr. Feather was first invited to China in 1984 by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST, 科学技术部, formerly State Science & Technology Commission, SSTC) and hosted by its then Director, Ms. Deng Rong, a daughter of Deng Xiaoping. As a result, he was appointed to his still-current role as Special Advisor to the Development Research Center (DRC; 国务院发展研究中心) the top State Council think tank responsible for policy research and strategic review on economic and social development. He also has advised the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC; 国家发展和改革委员会, the combined former State Planning and State Development Planning Commissions). NDRC is an all-powerful macro-economic management agency under the State Council (i.e., under the Premier), which has broad administrative and planning control over the Chinese economy.

Also a well known global business futurist, Frank specializes in forecasting various trends and their strategic implications for public policy-makers and business strategists. He has advised numerous global corporations, including serving as an Interim CEO and on Boards of Directors.

Frank is a sought-after Keynote Speaker and Seminar leader, and a business author. He is married to Tammie Tan, a native of Shanghai, and they have two adopted daughters from Hubei Province.

His key topics are:

  • Key China Trends: Most likely scenarios for intermediate and long-term future of China — social, technologic, economic, and political trends
  • Insider Knowledge: China’s current plans and strategies, based on Frank Feather’s “insider” knowledge
  • Business Implications: Draws out strategic implications for decision-makers in global companies, plus those operating in China or considering doing so.
  • Key Take-Aways: Gain keen insights into the likely future of China, and what it all means for your business


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