Sam Flemming

“There are 210 million Internet users in China; that means 210 million publishers in China that can write anything they want,” says Sam Flemming, founder and CEO of CIC, “the first IWOM research and consulting firm in China.”
Sam Flemming, one of our leading speakers on the Chinese internet, is quoted extensively at the website of CNN on China’s online buzz. Flemming is guiding companies in the murky waters of China’s internet and does get more and more recognition for his ground-breaking work.

“The most-searched books on Baidu are Net novels, published on Internet only. Every year they’ll be turned into real novels, then get turned into movies or TV shows. This Net-novel [movie] is going to star a Net star. That’s Xiao Pang.”

The computer screen flashes a familiar image of Little Fatty, the pudgy, pouty kid who was propelled to fame after netizens “PS-ed” (Photoshopped) his face into a series of visual spoofs widely circulated online, now cast in a feature film to be produced by New Line Cinema.

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