When Paul Denlinger gets a chance to explain US companies how it really works in China, nobody can stop him. He visited US internet guru Jeremiah Owyang in San Francisco and claimed space at his weblog.

For many observers, and particularly the mainstream western media, there has been a near-obsession with China’s politics, and when it comes to the Internet, the issue of censorship and the GFW, or Great Firewall of China. For most Chinese, as independent issues, these are much less important than the underlying social trends which have become much more important, and much more apparent. Aside from the much greater prosperity of China over the past thirty years, there is a single greater trend, and that is toward greater openness which has been achieved through cheap and easy communications. This greater openness has not been achieved solely with the Internet, but more importantly, through cheap mobile communications offered through China’s mobile network.

For more of Paul Denlinger’s observations, go to Jeremiah’s weblog. Click here to get more information on Paul Denlinger as a speaker.

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