Sam Flemming

Astroturfing, companies and governments pretending they are a grassroots online movement, is no issue in China, Sam Flemming contends in an issue of the leading Digital Media on the feature.
Flemming, a leading analyst on all things digital in China, says does not deny its happens but says that the size of the online communication in China is so huge, astroturfing would have to real influence.

Sam Flemming, CEO of online word-of-mouth consultancy CIC, argues that the sheer number of messages posted on the web makes it hard to make a real difference through astroturfing. “There are so many conversations out there that it’s hard for any group of humans to have a significant impact.”

Sam Flemming is a leading speaker on the internet in China and represented by the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in hearing him, do drop us a line.
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