Warren Liu

KFC in China grew from one to over 1,400 outlets in China in twenty years time, making it into the largest foreign fastfood chain. Retired MBA-lecturer Warren Liu took a step back and analyzed in his book why the eternal number two behind McDonalds took the top position in China.
“Warren Liu’s fascinating book provides a deep insight into the enormous success of KFC in the Chinese market,” writes Ken Lieberthal, professor of political science at the University of Michigan and China-adviser of the Barack Obama team. “He unravels the key factors – not only KFC’s overall strategy but its embrace of localization, rapid execution, and other adaptation – that spells succss, even against McDonald’s. The author knows this story from the inside, as a key leader in the KFC China effort when it really accelerated, and he tells the story with both analytical rigor and verve.”

Warren Liu is a speaker
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