Tom Doctoroff

Tom Doctoroff attended China’s search for its soul at the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. In Adweek he explains how he enjoyed that, while the search is not yet complete.

Most importantly, the ceremony was targeted to the Chinese. Zhang, a victim of Cultural Revolution abuses, was pleading with the nation to, finally, stand up with pride. Today’s China, he believes, springs from a rich cultural heritage and a timeless worldview, one in which all elements of the universe are elegantly interconnected, always in motion. China’s profound respect for analytic intelligence has created a country that reveres the scholar, emphasizes knowledge over might, defense over offense, skill over brute force, concentration over impulse. These qualities, he insists, must be venerated.

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Tom Doctoroff is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in having Tom as a speaker, do let us know.

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