Sam Flemming

Moving from tactical online solution to strategic communication is the new challenge to reach online consumers, writes Sam Flemming. In his latest article he explains how Johnson Baby was successful in developing a permanent platform, to communicate with their ‘ambassadors’, in stead of setting up a one-off marketing campaign.

Since 2007, interactive agency Agenda has worked with Johnson Baby to develop the Mom Ambassadors program. The opportunity for such a program makes sense due to the sheer volume of parenting discussions within Chinese BBS forums. From CIC’s own tracking of Chinese parenting BBS forums, we see millions of messages written by hundreds of thousands unique viewers every month in forums on sites such as Redbaby, 19floor and Sina. These moms are informed, passionate and talk actively about baby related products.

By staying in touch with those parents, Johnson Baby has developed a platform that serves as an example of how to integrate online marketing in a structural way in its corporate communication, Sam Flemming says. That is move time-consuming than having a basic online conversation, but a smart way to move.
More in Sam’s article in Imediaconnection.

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