Rowan Simons

National debates on many issues are no exception in China, but now the China soccer team has touched a very raw nerve, as ChinaSmack summarizes. At this stage, disappointed fans seem to pick anything to go after their former Olympic heroes:

Last month, rumors appeared that several members of the national football team were seen checking into hotel rooms with prostitutes or female fans. Xie Yalong, the head of the Chinese football association promised to investigate into the matter and promised the players would be punished if true. Several days ago, pictures appeared on many Chinese BBS forums like Tianya, Mop, and NetEase confirming the rumors, showing three members of the national football team with several girls returning to their hotel.

Now sex has come into play, you might forget about the real debate about soccer, a debate where for example Rowan Simons has played a role with his book Bamboo Goalposts. Rowan Simons has been instrumental in organizing grassroots soccer in Beijing. But with the eye on the Beijing Olympics, the relevant government organizations decided for an elitist approach of soccer, killing its amateur recruiting ground that has been the basis of any solid soccer nation. That discussion seems more important than the 30-minute sex deals of the players.

Rowan Simons is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested to hear him speak about, for example, soccer in China, do get in touch with us.

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