Paul Denlinger

China’s domestic online powerhouses have started a shoot-out, but Paul Denlinger says the official privacy argument to stop leading search engine Baidu is plain nonsense.
A range of leading social network sites and internet portals, including, and Xiaonei have stopped Baidu from conducting searches on their sites, reports the Media Magazine, citing privacy concerns.

“I find this excuse a real stretch. Since when has anybody worried about user privacy in China before? What guidelines do they use for protecting user privacy?” asked Paul Denlinger, owner of China Business Strategy. “This sounds much more like a desire to dial back the power of Baidu and its search.”

Baidu who claims a market share of 60 percent of the search market is moving into e-commerce, triggering off this tough reaction by the competitors.

Paul Denlinger is one of the internet guru’s at the China Speakers Bureau. When you are interested in having Paul to explain to you the competitive online market in China, do get in touch with one of our global offices.

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