Sam Flemming

Innovation in Asia is the core theme of the openWebAsia in South-Korea on 14 October. Our Sam Flemming will be one of the key speakers, together with representatives of Alibaba, Ebay Asia and many other online innovative companies.
From the mission statement on the social web in Asia:

“Social has been a game changing development of the internet industry and the social web is an area where Asia has its own strength and vibrancy. Asian countries have a distinct internet cultures and market players, so informative and educational cross-country comparisons can be made.”

Upon his return we will do another podcast with Sam Flemming, and discuss a few hot items. Does the concept of “Asia” exist on the internet? Are there similarities between Asian countries or mainly differences? Is the internet despite its global potential a local or domestic medium, in stead of a global one? Who is making money online? Who is leading the development on the internet, governments or companies, or both? Tune in next month for the next podcast.

The internet is one of the key features that is instrumental for change in China. At the China Speakers Bureau we represent leading authorities on the internet in China. If you are interested, do get in touch.

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