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China’s cultural-revolution style online posses, smoking out what they perceive to be evil, have become under attack from China’s authorities themselves. Those “human flesh searches” are risen to prominence over 2008, comments media analyst Jeremy Goldkorn in USA Today.

“The frequency and variety of human flesh searches really flowered (last year), ranging from exposure of misbehaving children and corrupt officials to the nationalistic chasing down of people connected to the Tibetan riots,” says Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of, a website focused on China’s media.
“The searches can reveal corruption and corporate malfeasance, and issues that should be aired in an open society,” he says. “But it is by nature a sensationalist phenomenon that can invade people’s privacy.”

Jeremy Goldkorn is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in having him at your conference, board meeting or panel, do get in touch.

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