Are the outbound Chinese tourists going to save international tourism in the doldrums, wonders tourism guru Roy Graff, giving foreign tourism companies thinking of entering China some sound advice on his weblog.
Not all indicator suggest an easy ride, says Graff, as the central government is cracking down on corruption, and unnecessary foreign trips by officials. Some of the domestic leisure tourists might prefer domestic holidays over international trips, but there are good opportunities too:

For foreign companies that are thinking if this is a good time to enter China (or indeed the right time to exit China), I would say this is a fantastic opportunity. Cost of doing business will be lower – salaries that have grown too quickly in China will remain in check and the government will do much more to help inward investment than in the past. Those that see the opportunity and go for it will emerge ahead in a shorter space of time than during a ‘good economic’ period. Conside that for this year’s international travel trade exhibitions, registration is down drastically. So if you are at the show you are 2 or 3 times more likely to be visible compared to any other year. The buyers will still come, but will have more time to spend with you and discuss business. That can’t be bad!

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Roy Graff is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you want him at your conference in person, do get in touch.

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