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Celebrity speaker Warren Liu , author of a ground-breaking book on the success of KFC in China, will visit the United States end of May, June and a part of July. His thorough analysis of why the American food chain succeeded in China, where many other famous American firms failed, is based on his solid experience in both Chinese business and academia.
Ken Lieberthal, a leading scholar on China at the University of Michigan, is praising Warren Liu’s book:

“Warren Liu’s fascinating book provides deep insights into the enormous success of KFC in the Chinese market. He unravels the key factors-not only KFC’s overall strategy but its embrace of localization, rapid execution, and other adaptations-that spell success, even against McDonald’s——-and he tells the story with

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both analytical rigor and verve. This is a serious and fascinating study.”

If you are interested in having Warren Liu as a speaker at your event or conference. Do get in touch with the China Speakers Bureau.

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