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The internet has changed the world for companies working in China, says CIC-founder Sam Flemming in the magazine of Wharton Business School on China and CSR-systems. CIC tracks online debate on the Chinese internet. Sam Flemming:

“The world wide web now serves essentially as an amplifier, vastly increasing the reach and influence of the word-of-mouth conversations on brands that previously took place offline. The migration online has not only increased the potential readership of comments on brands to some 250 million Chinese netizens; these comments are also now archived, so that they are rarely forgotten and can be easily referenced again later.”…
“Tracking online opinion not only allows a company to react quickly when an online public relations crisis is brewing — such as Carrefour in the recent Sichuan earthquake — but also helps the company identify key online stakeholders. These stakeholders, who are sometimes simply fans of the brand, can be very helpful in managing the company’s brand online.”

Sam Flemming is a renowned speaker on the effects of the internet on China and the online word-of-mouth. He is represented by the China Speakers Bureau . Do get in touch when you need him at your conference.

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