How should companies deal with new media like twitter? Twitter supremo Marc van der Chijs of the Spil Games in China taught Dutch airline KLM last month for free how to do that. The Dutch Daily Het Parool (here in a translations from the Dutch)used the incident to educate its corporate readers.

After Marc van der Chijs, for the Dutch game company Spil Games in China is, earlier this month his frustration on an infernal booking with airline KLM of twitterde away, something remarkable happened. KLM began Van der Chijs’ twitter account to follow.

Remarkable still was that Van der Chijs suddenly the next KLM flight unsolicited been proved against economy to business class.”Coincidence? twitterde it then,”probably not.”He has been invited for an interview with a KLM representative.

The KLM was already experimenting with Twitter, but the exchange with Van der Chijs shows how they both created a win-win situation.

Marc van der Chijs is a successful entrepreneur, based in Shanghai and a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in hearing his views at your conference, do get in touch.

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