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This summer Jeremy Goldkorn saw his corporate website blocked by the censorship in China, an honor he shares with many including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a few others. Nevertheless, as he writes in The Guardian, life goes on, despite this nuisance.

Within weeks of the site being blocked, I attended – by official invitation – a provincial government media forum at which I was allowed to air my views. Soon after that, a Chinese TV station hired me as a presenter, to conduct a series of interviews with government officials and well known business leaders about environmental problems. The programme is for a Chinese audience, broadcast nationwide. Not exactly Hard Talk, and they may not broadcast the interesting footage, but I got to give a senior government official a hard time about his department’s empty eco-slogans. I also asked Liu Yonghao – one of the richest men in China – what he intended to do about the methane emissions caused by the farting of all the cows his New Hope Group owns.

Most hilariously, and this is difficult for anyone who has not spent time in China to understand, the state-owned China Daily newspaper ran a quote from me complaining about internet censorship on the top headlined story of its front page.

More at the Guardian.

Jeremy Goldkorn is also a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference or other meetings, do get in touch.

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