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Media expert Jeremy Goldkorn saw his website Danwei blocked, but the seasoned business man did not panic, although he lost 30 percent of his traffic overnight, he tells the CIB Magazine. And, although recognized as a successful entrepreneur,  it does not mean he is making big bucks:

Despite these numbers, the website still loses money every month (Goldkorn describes the overall company as marginally profitable). “I have always been looking for a business model for the website, but it is a loss-leader,” says Goldkorn. “What it is is a platform for us to prove our expertise and then people have paid us to do other things.” These additional activities include research — often on Internet word of mouth and what Chinese people are saying about specific companies/organizations —and giving speeches. Goldkorn estimates he probably gets one paid speaking gig a month, and though they are generally in the Chinese mainland or Hong Kong, he will sometimes be flown to Europe or the United States to speak on subjects related to China and its media.

Jeremy Goldkorn is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him for your conference, do get in touch.

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