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After a relative freewheeling 2009, internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei expects more tightening of the rules in the year to come including the booming gaming industry, he tells The Guardian.

“2010 will be an interesting year,” says Jeremy Goldkorn, the founder of danwei.org, which covers media and internet issues and is a Guardian partner. He argues that 2009 saw freewheeling political discussion and citizen activism on the internet becoming mainstream, but facing tighter censorship.

“Citizen activists on the internet and journalists are becoming increasingly vocal and finding more and more ways to get around restrictions,” he points out. “Heavy-handed censorship of games, video websites and other entertainment content is also making previously apolitical internet users aware of China’s deep and restrictive media and internet censorship regime.” The increasing commercialisation of print and broadcast media will continue to expand the space for public discussion, he adds.


Jeremy Goldkorn is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you are interested in sharing his views at your meetings or conferences, do get in touch.

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