zjwpic3Zhang Juwei by Fantake via Flickr

Much of the talk about the growing shortage of labor in China has been much too simple, tells professor Zhang Juwei of the Chinese Academy of Social Science to the Chinese media. Despite the growing labor shortage, some cannot find a job, especially recent graduates

“There is a pretty clear contradiction in the labor market,” said Zhang Juwei, a professor and director of the labor and social security research center at the CASS. “Many businesses can’t find workers but, at the same time, many people can’t find jobs either.”…

“If people lose their jobs, of course it impacts social stability,” said CASS professor Zhang. “I don’t know of any country where that’s not true. It involves people’s livelihoods and jobs. This is something the government should think about before anything else.”

Professor Zhang Juwei is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference, do let us know.

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