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Google might not be the first US company to note that China is different, and will not be the last one to find out that things are not like back home. When you need somebody to explain the differences, ask Janet Carmosky, one of the speakers of the China Speakers  Bureau, who made a great contribution to our recently published book A Changing China.
Here is her start:

This whole essay is an invitation to everyone who has never questioned that western values—logic, faith, individuality, transparency, freedom—are universal, or that they necessarily form a superior platform for the building of societies, nations, and economies. This essay challenges us. When we look at China’s cultural values, can we see aspects that complement, counterbalance, or inform the values currently most prevalent in the west?

For China is, at its core, permanently Other Than Western. Although currently expressing its economic strength within a system of rules largely designed by the west, China knows that all its strengths are expressions of their own culture.

For more: get our book, or ask Janet Carmosky. Janet Carmosky is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need her to set your straight before you enter the China market, do get in touch.

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