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The China Speakers Bureau has signed today the first book publishing contract with one of its speakers, Warren Liu. He wrote a first bestseller KFC in China: Secret Recipe for Success. He wants to build on that success and publish a second book on key success factors for doing business in China, analyzing a wide range of industries, but prefers to publish the book by themselves.
In our contacts with speakers – who are often also authors – we discovered that finding a publishing house is becoming harder. The book business is not going that well because of intense competition from other media, and to survive publishing houses have to focus on ever larger audiences. Through new POD or publishing-on-demand companies, authors can do all by themselves, but real life is not that simple. The new CSB-services offers a way to work around that problem and help authors to publish books that might not be commercial anymore in the current market situation. We help authors to publish themselves, including ISBN-numbers and distribution through Amazon, but we will not act as a publisher.
Also, some speakers just need a book they can use as a hand-out during their speeches and this new publishing service might help them to get just that – at an affordable price.
In theory everybody can do it themselves, but getting the editing, art work and actual publishing done need a bit of a learning curve. We went through that for A Changing China, and we are happy to share this with our speakers.
If you are interested in our rates and working procedures, do get in touch. Negotiation on a few more book deal are on their way, and we hope to announce new deals soon.

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