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Soccer in China is rife with corruption and multiple efforts to clear up the mess by the Chinese Super League (CSL) have not been working out, tells soccer specialist Rowan Simons CNN. While China has already missed the upcoming FIFA World Championship in South Africa, corruption scandals are spreading.
Rowan Simons:

“The CSL was already the third attempt at setting up the league because the other two collapsed due to corruption and fan violence,” Rowan Simons, author of Bamboo Goalposts, a recent book about soccer in China, told CNN.

“There’s corruption at every single level of the game, from the top to the very bottom. It’s an indictment of wider Chinese society and representative of a much bigger problem with corruption and nepotism. It’s more visible with football because your results are taken by your performance in international competition. So there is nowhere to hide. They are 85th in FIFA’s world rankings with a population of over a billion people.”

Much more at CNN.

Rowan Simons is not only an expert on soccer in China, he is also a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference, do get in touch.

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