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Janet Carmosky addressed the China Business Toolbox, in September in Philadelphia and summarized why the fear of China ruling the world is misplaced. They are simply too busy, says Janet Carmosky, CEO of the China Business Network in a transcript of a video:

The Chinese don’t want to rule the world. This is very important for mindset. This is the quickest way I can summarize the right mindset. The Chinese do not want to run the world. They’re pretty darn busy already. They’re pretty darn busy just ruling China – they have fourteen countries on their borders, they’ve got internal insurrection, they’ve got environmental degradation, they’ve got income disparity, they’ve got rural poverty, they’ve got aging – Listen. They’re really, really busy. 

And about the relation between Americans and the Chinese:

Yes, the Chinese do think they’re superior, but so do we! So what’s the problem? Are we really committed to this idea of a unipolar world? Because they’re not. They don’t want to rule the world. Why are we threatened by the fact that they want to continue being a powerful nation? They’ve made a huge contribution in so many ways to the world – let them have their prestige and their power. They want us to continue being prestigious and powerful. They want to be our partners. 

Janet Carmosky is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Do you need her at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch.

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