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“Girls are no real gamers”. This and nine other misconceptions on social and casual games are addressed by Marc van der Chijs, serial internet entrepreneur and angel investor in Shanghai, published in the Business Insider.

1. Gaming is a waste of time and is bad for kids
This is something I hear often but that I totally disagree with. I believe there is a creative and educational layer in many games. But of course it doesn’t mean that kids should play all the time. I have two kids myself and find that online games can be an addition to their development. It’s important that children also play outside and do sports. Next to that they can also play online games, but they should only play for short lengths of time. Research shows that kids of 3 years old should play maximum 10 minutes per day and 6 year olds should not be online more than 30 minutes per day. If children do that games can be very beneficial. They can learn a lot in games, for example learning to work together, but also getting more self confidence when you achieve something in a game.

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