Helen Wang

Celebrity author Helen Wang taps into the excitement of Western companies to enter the China market. The paper JingDaily asks her wide ranging questions on her book on China’s middle class, The Chinese Dream. Focus on health care and education, she advises foreign companies.

JD: Last year, we interviewed Handel Jones, author of ChinAmerica, who said that education, health and the Internet are going to be the most lucrative sectors for Western companies to tap the Chinese middle class. Would you agree with this? Are there any other sectors you would add?

HW: Definitely, the healthcare and education sectors will provide lucrative opportunities for Western companies. I am not sure about the Internet as it’s currently dominated by domestic companies. But if you look at the e-commerce sector, it could be a game changer. Recently, many VCs have invested in e-commerce and group buying sites as China’s internet users are approaching half a billion.

I think the consumer products sector, particularly in the areas of luxury goods and big ticket items such as automobiles, LCD TVs, and smartphones, will see increasing opportunities for Western companies. I would also add the clean tech sector. Western companies are leading in technology in this field.

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