Bill Dodson

Suzhou resident Bill Dodson talks about the executing of his corrupt vice-mayor to Paul French of the Ethical Corporation in a podcast. Local debts are becoming a liability and local officials paying with their lives. A look behind China’s corrupt economy.

Two high profile executions of the former mayor of Hangzhou and a vice-mayor of Suzhou triggers off speculations on what might behind those high-level capital punishments at a local level. Bill Dodson expects that the attention for the problem of local debts – some of the earlier ones after the first global crisis started – are due very soon.

“It is a signal to local officials,” Bill Dodson says. Also, the upcoming change in government in 2012 triggers off internal struggles where communist officials have to rally behind certain issues and leaders, well ahead of the transition.

You can listen to the podcast at the Ethical Corporation

Both Bill Dodson and Paul French are speaker on the China Speakers Bureau. Do you need them at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch. 

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