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China’s railway autorities might have symbolically reduced the speed of fast trains after the Wenzhou train crash, but – wonders author Bill Dodson in his weblog – why is it so hard to slow down society when things go into the wrong direction?

From his weblog:

Chinese society – or rather, Chinese people – are still impatiently slamming up high rises like there is no tomorrow, driving recklessly through increasingly congested roadways, and flipping properties like a cook making pancakes on a Sunday at a crowded Iowa diner. Conversations in tea houses and coffee houses  and restaurants are about business – or about money. Never have I heard between sips of lattes by women in vertigo-inducing pumps or men toting man-bags a philosophical discussion about the state of the State or a hearty debate about the direction in which the society is going. It’s all about money: where to find it; how to get it; how to show it off.

China is still in the fast lane, with little inclination to slow down.

More in Bill Dodson’s weblog.

Bill Dodson is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Do you need him at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch.

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