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Foreign experts can have their say, now and then, in China’s state-owned media. But then you should not writes about its dams, discovered energy specialist Bill Dodson when asked to write for the China Daily, HK edition, he reports in his weblog. Bill Dodson gave in.

The Hong Kong edition of The China Daily recently invited me to contribute an article about China’s renewable energy development trends and the country’s relationship with southeast Asia. So I wrote about all the dams China is building in the south, southwest and west of the country it’s neighbors are unhappy with.The editor didn’t like the story. It might be Hong Kong, I was told, but it’s orbit is very close to Beijing’s, after all.

So I wrote another story, about how the subsidies for solar power in China will lead to even more (over-)production that will drive down the costs of photovoltaic technologies even further – a natural for archipelago nations like Indonesia, which have islands of people unable to hook into a national grid.

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