Bill Dodson

Author Bill Dodson takes the no.10 subway in Shanghai several times per week and just missed the collision yesterday. An annus horribilis for China’s infrastructure, he sights on his weblog. But taking the bicycle in stead of the train is no longer an option.

Bill Dodson:

This has been an annus horribilis for China infrastructure. This year has seen wind turbines blowing up, bridges falling down, bullet trains crashing into one another and, most recently, a terrible accident on a Shanghai subway line I take several times a week. On hearing the news about the Shanghai accident my (Chinese) wife simply shook her head and said, “Everyone knows they’re building things too fast.” She told me of a program she had seen on Chinese national television in which engineers echoed the same sentiment. “I don’t want you to take the bullet train to Shanghai,” she said quickly, “and I don’t want you riding the subway in Shanghai, either. Ride your bicycle!” Of course, that’s hardly feasible with a 150 km to cover between Suzhou and Shanghai; leave alone the thought of navigating Shanghai traffic on a bicycle.”

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