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Hewlett Packard’s market share in Asia is slipping, not in the last place because of the fallout of recalls in China, says Sam Flemming, director at CIC, in Business week. How another US firm messed up in China.

Business Week:

In China, HP endured a series of embarrassing recalls in 2009 and 2010 because of defective laptop batteries. The recalls prompted protests and lawsuits, and HP’s clumsy handling of the crisis didn’t win it many fans, says Sam Flemming, chairman of CIC, a Shanghai company that helps multinationals monitor the Chinese blogosphere. For Chinese consumers, the recalls are “like a tattoo in your mind,” says Flemming. “Every time you look at HP, you think of that.” Management turmoil compounded the problems. In September 2010, the company hired RueyBin Kao from Motorola to head its China business, but he lasted less than eight months before leaving for personal reasons, according to HP. Kao could not be reached for comment.

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