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As costs for resources, including wages, are on the way up in China, its manufacturers have to streamline their manufacturing processes, where in the past they would waste resources. Business analyst Bill Dodson quotes a friend describing the changes in his weblog.

Bill Dodson:

The Chinese owners of the factories in China are beginning to reign in waste in their production processes. “Before, if they screwed up an order they’d just call in another hundred bodies for pennies, have them work overnight to remedy the situation, then let them go,” he told me. “Now,” he explained, “pay rates have gotten more expensive, material inputs are more expensive, and there’s not as much business to go around. So Chinese owners are beginning to look at how to improve their processes, get the orders right the first time the most efficiently they can. That’s another reason why some of them are looking into or investing in robots to do some parts of the job. Fewer errors.”

The former plant manager put the change into context for me. “It was the same in Britain in the sixties. We wasted a lot of material, made a lot of mistakes. Then, in the seventies, everything began getting more expensive to manufacture. We cleaned up our lines, our processes. Things like Total Quality and Lean Manufacturing came along. It’s a natural process. China’s not special in that way,” he added.

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