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Shanghai municipality has published plans to reduce non-fossil energy sources dramatically over the next five years, writes energy specialist Bill Dodson on his weblog. Reducing the usage of coal is high on Shanghai’s energy Plan.

Bill Dodson:

The Plan cited that by 2015, three offshore wind farms (East Sea Bridge, Lin Port and Old Port) will be established or extended. Shanghai plans to achieve one-gigawatt of wind power capacity by 2015.

Solar energy development will prioritize establishing “Golden Sun” demonstration projects and roof solar energy demonstration applications in industrial zones, including: Waibaoqiao, Old Port, or Chenjia Town, newly built districts, and large public buildings. The plan projects a total capacity of 150 megawatts met by 2015.

Biomass energy development will be combined with waste treatment. The construction of biomass demonstration power plants in the Chongming, Songjiang, Fenxian and Old Port districts are on the drawing board. The plan includes the development of several incineration plants. The newly-added capacity will contribute 200-megawatts to Shanghai’s energy portfolio.

Shanghai’s energy plan offers the development of Chongming into a national green-energy demonstration town and adding a new-energy plant with an installed capacity of 300 to 400-megawatts.

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