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The purchase of CIC by WPP has put China’s leading analytic firm of its vibrant social-media scene in the limelight. Founder and chairman Sam Flemming explains in AdAge the importance of his work. PepsiCo, Nike, Dell and L’Oreal belong to their customers.


“It’s more than just eyeballs, it’s also hearts and souls and feelings and people expressing themselves, engaging with each other and brands. So it provides a huge opportunity to engage consumers and get in front of them in very unique ways,” Mr. Flemming said.

The challenge in China is that the social-media landscape is highly fragmented. Facebook and Twitter are routinely blocked by the government, but Chinese internet users have a vast array of home-grown choices such as the Sina and Tencent microblog services, social-networking sites such as RenRen and highly popular online message boards.

“It poses a real challenge for marketers, what to do and where to do it. And that’s what we can help marketers better understand,” Mr. Flemming said.

Information provided by CIC can help brands gather market research in the form of millions of online comments, track the performance of a new campaign, help inspire better creative work, or understand which social-media sites are better for pinpointing target consumers, Mr. Flemming said.

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