Tom Doctoroff

Chinese are concerned with today, not eternity, Tom Doctoroff writes in the Huffington Post, a summery of his upcoming book “What Chinese Want, Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer”.

Tom Doctoroff:

Chinese society is not in the throes of a spiritual crisis. Instead, it is on the threshold of reclaiming values that have always set it apart. The Cultural Revolution did not purge traditional morality: The sanctity of clan and nation has never been challenged; societal harmony is still noble; anti-individualism is still pervasive; fulfillment of mandate still defines success. Contemporary Chinese, however, are unable to articulate the country’s cultural DNA. Dazed and confused, they have yet to leverage their unique worldview as a defense mechanism against disorientation. As the new generation passes through collective adolescence, however, it is finding a new balance. It is, slowly but surely, achieving “harmony” with a new order.

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