Tom Doctoroff

The list of China’s military acts of aggression might get longer each year, China veteran Tom Doctoroff tells in The Huffington Post “China’s bark is worse than its bite.”

Tom Doctoroff:

The Communist Party is ramping up the country’s military capabilities — the Economist estimates that the PRC’s spending will exceed America’s by the middle of the next decade — but China will never invade other countries or confront the military supremacy of the United States. Its primary concern is, and always has been, defense, an understandable one given its history. For a credible analysis of China’s modern fighting force, scour Pentagon briefings. But to get a sense of the Beijing’s pacifist instincts, come for a visit.

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Tom Doctoroff is publishing later this year his book “What do Chinese Want?”. More about his book at Storify.

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