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Holidays in China are over and the internet has its first meme, writes internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn on his weblog at Danwei. Chongqing has sent its famous crime-fighter Wang Lijun on a therapeutically vacations. Or is the popular official running into political problems?

Jeremy Goldkorn:

On Thursday February 2, Chongqing’s Information Office announced that Wang Lijun (王立军),the triad-busting police chief who has been working under Bo Xilai to crack down on gang crimes in Chongqing would be given a new portfolio in charge of economic affairs in place of his public security post.

Early on February 8, photos began circulating on Weibo showing a large police presence around the American consulate in Chengdu.

Soon after that, people on Twitter and Sina Weibo began speculating that Wang Lijun had sought refuge inside the U.S. consulate and was intending to defect.

More at Danwei’s weblog

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