Marc van der Chijs

Shanghai-based serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs discusses with the Bangkok Post the pros and cons of different Asian locations for start-ups. Koh Samui is one of his possible bets for the future.

The Bangkok Post:

Marc van der Chijs, a co-founder of, said doing business in Asia is difficult due to regulations.

“For any foreign entrepreneur in China, for instance, you need a partner to become successful and you need to network,” he said.

While companies in Singapore make a headstart in this area due to heavy government promotion, their regional counterparts including those in Thailand are lagging behind due to the lack of infrastructure and flexible regulations, such as how easy it is to set up and close a business or get money from banks.

“Thai people can be very good entrepreneurs but [the country has] no infrastructure. There are investors but they are more than individuals,” he said, adding that he has an idea to set up an incubator company on Koh Samui for startups.

The best opportunity, he said, lies in social and mobile e-commerce.

“Over the next five years, almost everyone will have a smartphone as the prices will be cheaper, while internet access will go down to zero [domestically]. If they [mobile operators] want to stay in business, they will have to do it. It will be something like electricity,” he said. “There will be companies that drive the cost down, and if the market doesn’t do it, the government will.”

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