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Suicide in China has now been linked to the poor working condition at Apple supplier Foxconn. But, as China veteran Bill Dodson discovers at a plant a Suzhou, love might destroy also the lives of young workers. From his weblog:

Bill Dodson:

The attempted suicide in his factory comes on the heels of two suicides just a couple weeks before at a factory in Dongguan, Guangdong province.
“Boy trouble?” I asked. My friend nodded in agreement. “I think so. These young people just can’t cope with disappointment,” he observed. “Now we’re probably going to have to put up nets around the building and bar the windows, just like Foxconn,” he said despairingly.
I know the manager had prided himself on creating a working environment in whcih people for the most part enjoyed coming to work. Changes to prevent suicides would only create a prison-like atmosphere, of course. Still, managing suicides as commentary on the conditions of worker environments or their love lives seems a permanent fixture of doing business in China.

More at Bill Dodson’s weblog.

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