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Premier Wen Jiabao spelled out China’s new energy initiatives during the meeting of the National Power Congress. Energy specialist Bill Dodson summarizes on his weblog strict control of wind and solar power, and the resumption of approvals of nuclear power projects.

Bill Dodson:

During the 2012 session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Premiere Wen Jiaobao presented a government work report on China’ energy plan. The annual NPC session was held at the beginning of March. The report stresses the need for China to curb uncontrolled expansion in sectors such as solar energy and wind power. Qian Zhimin, NPC deputy and the deputy director of the National Energy Administration (NEA), cited that government policy would slow overheated development in PV glass and wind power equipment manufacturing, among others.

China’s solar PV industry exploded to more than 500 enterprises in 2011 from less than 100 in 2008. PV makers relied on old and traditional methods of production. They paid little attention to R&D. As a result, the market became saturated with homogenized products. Overcapacity and oversupply block the industry’s healthy development.

Premier Wen said in his government work report that China will develop nuclear power safely and effectively. Zhu Zhiyuan, NPC deputy and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, said the report implies the Chinese government will resume the normal development of nuclear electricity, according to .

NPC deputy and general manager of China Nuclear Engineering Group Corp (CNEC), Mu Zhanying, added that China is very likely to resume approvals of new nuclear power projects in the first half of 2012, once the government releases the country’s nuclear safety plan. Mu also said that a new development target for nuclear power set by the National Energy Administration would come out in 2012. The goal will adhere to the nuclear safety plan. Mu expected new nuclear power projects to start construction in 2012.

The original nuclear power plan targets that more than 70 nuclear power reactors in operation in 2020. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) sees nuclear power accounting for 5 per cent of the country’s total capacity by that time.

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