Bill Dodson

Bill Dodson’s housekeeper – or ayi – has a US$ 2,000 purse. On his weblog, the China veteran dives into the story of the purse and the spending habits of China’s noveau riche.

Bill Dodson:

My wife said excitedly,” The woman who the ayi works for has a rich boyfriend. The man is already married, and has a lot of money, the ayi told me. He bought an apartment for the woman. He gave the woman the purse as a gift. The woman said it was ugly, and gave it to the ayi.” I could believe someone else thought the bag unattractive.

I nodded, paused a moment. At least the story made sense, given what I’d heard about the spending habits of the nouveu riche in China. Certain circles of society in today’s China are awash with so much money men can afford second wives and hideous bags that are hideously expensive.

The woman was likely annoyed at the man – probably bacause he also had to pay attention to business and to his wife – and was so spoiled she thought nothing of giving the bag to an ayi. I’m sure she was looking forward to replying to the man when he would one evening ask, “Why don’t you ever bring that purse along that I bought you? You know the one: that lovely Dolce & Gabana bag.”

Then she would respond, “Oh, I have too many purses; I gave it to the ayi.”

“You what?!” he’d splutter, spitting out his Cuban cigar.

She would flash a faint smile.

Ah, love in the fast lane.

More on Bill Dodson’s weblog.

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