Bill Dodson

China veteran Bill Dodson visited India and tells on his weblog how relieved he was when he could return to China. It will take a while before India can compete with China, he writes.

Bill Dodson:

 The Indian government’s lack of will in bringing even the rudiments of sanitation, infrastructure and utilities to its people after all this time is criminal, given the energy and initiative of its people.

Any competition the media promotes between the economic development of China and India is bogus. There is not and never will be competition until the Indian government truly shows its concern for its citizens by building basic infrastructure for ALL to access, no matter the socioeconomic level.

Despite transgressions against human rights and corruption on a systemic scale in China, at least things have gotten done and the quality of life for most of the country’s citizens is far beyond what it was twenty years ago. Now when I encounter a frustration in China, I mutter to myself, “At least it’s getting done”.

I look forward one day to saying as much about India.

More on Bill Dodson’s weblog.

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