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Chinese brands are associated with cheap, chintzy and unaccountable, even for the Chinese writes China veteran Bill Dodson, author of the upcoming book “China Fast Forward“, on his weblog. Chinese brands are looking for a clean Western image.

From Bill Dodson’s weblog.

A British friend who works at a Swedish lifestyle luxury brand maker in China told me how sales for their top of the line wares are not taking off the way they are in other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Sales have been through the roof in South Korea, Japan and Thailand. China, though, is so-so.

“The problem,” my friend told me, “is the Chinese with money read the label and see ‘Made in China’. If they’ve already bought one of our products, they return it; if they haven’t bought it yet, they return it to the shelf.

“They simply don’t trust the quality of products made in China, and don’t understand how something made in China could be so expensive.” My friend went on to tell me that despite the designs being cutting edge and the highest quality fabrics used in clothing lines and the best materials in their appliances, the company is struggling to reach the sort of tipping point in purchases amongst China’s nouveau riche as they have in other Asian countries.

More in Bill Dodson’s weblog.

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