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Much ink has been spent on the effects of newly imposed US tariffs on solar panels from China, even a trade war seemed an option. But industry analyst Bill Dodson sees only minor effects, if any, he tells NPR‘s marketplace. China might use the panels domestically.

NPR’s China correspondent Robert Schmitz:

Rob Schmitz: Chinese solar panels make up half the American market. Those made in the U.S., just a third. The new tariffs are set at between 3 and 5 percent of the panel’s cost. That’s so low that some U.S. solar panel manufacturers say it may not impact the American market.

Bill Dodson: What it will do is perhaps accelerate China’s own plans to develop its own solar projects here in China.

Bill Dodson is an industry analyst in China. He says the threat of tariffs has already spurred the Chinese government to invest more in solar infrastructure at home.

Dodson: It was clear to them that a counter-measure they could take that would take the heat off any trade friction would be to develop their own domestic market for solar power.

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